The Non-Tourist London

London is by far one of my favourite cities to visit. As a child we would have family trips to London, especially at Christmas, so from an early age I got to know different parts of the city, and how to get across London on foot.

Today, i’m under an hour away on the train, and will quite often go down at a weekend just to be a tourist and wander around. It’s rare that i’ll know where I want to go, I just get off the train at Kings Cross and go exploring.

If I have my camera, or my smartphone, with me, i’ll end up taking some photos, but that all depends on where I end up and what I see. It’s rare for me to take the tourist postcard shots, which would be so easy to do in London. Instead, i’m on the lookout for sites that interest me.

The gallery below, is spread over a number of years of my wandering visits. I dare say there will be some more London galleries in the future after another random Saturday in the City !

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